Mt. Everest and peace flags

If the path before you is clear, you're probably on someone else's.            - Joseph Campbell

Since 1995 when I became a psychotherapist in private practice, I have witnessed many people develop insight about who they are.  People cultivate a growing awareness and understanding that the past events of their life have significantly influenced their current life. After receiving my MSW, my approach to helping people with their personal struggles, emotional concerns, and desire for growth was primarily through talk therapy. 


In 2005, I attended a six-day workshop near Seattle at the Wellness Institute, a training center focused on “Heart-Centered Therapies”, including hypnotherapy. At the time, I thought I was adding a tool like EMDR or other techniques. I had become somewhat disillusioned with the efficacy of talk therapy because I saw a significant breakdown in the transition from insight to true, long-lasting change.  


I was delighted when I discovered the advanced trainings at the Wellness Institute incorporated the theory of Carl Jung, the brilliant psychiatrist who revolutionized the concept of the psyche. Because of the power of this work, I am still intimately involved with the Institute and teach there on-site. It is my passion.


What follows is a description of the different Heart-Centered Therapies I offer in my private practice as well as Heart-Centered workshops and programs for the community.