Personal Transformation Intensive Testimonials

Cara Stiles’s Personal Transformation Intensive groups have produced some of the most radical health upgrades for my patients I have ever seen in my career as a trauma-focused psychiatrist. Highly recommended!


-Will Van Derveer MD
  Integrative Psychiatric Healing Center

I have referred several patients to the Personal Transformation Intensive.  It is a unique opportunity to do deep personal and group process work that can restructure wounded relationships and dysfunctional beliefs. Clients are challenged to be vulnerable, and connect in a way that soothes old pain and loneliness.  They can then bring these changes out into the world to improve their current relationships, and forge new healthy relationships. Our culture doesn’t readily provide an environment for the development of resilient humans.   I have seen specific improvement in resiliency, tolerance of difficult emotions, boundary setting, ability to be present, ability to make sound decisions, and self-care.  This translates into less dependence on psychiatric medications. It translates into better overall health and wellbeing.  PTI is a big time and energy commitment, but one that I fully endorse.  Cara and Bliss provide a safe container for profound change.

Lyndee Paris, M.D.

The testimonials are by real participants in PTI. I encourage you to explore these videos and contact me if you have any questions or are ready to begin your own journey!                

Couples participating together in PTI, experience healing and strengthening of their relationship.

The group video (fourth on this page) is a spontaneous video made on the last day of PTI Level 3, after 15 weekends over the course of 16 months. These 9 people, from a group of 16, have 9 different reflections of the process. A must see.      - Cara 

Letting Go and PTI Testimonials


"At first I was very hesitant to do any group work and I put it off for a long time.  I am now thrilled to supplement individual therapy by taking part in the Letting Go workshop and Personal Transformation Intensive Level 1.  I even signed up to participate in it for the second time.  I am also looking forward to continuing with PTI Level 2.  


The program is very helpful for breaking free from unwanted habits and for moving forward in life when feeling stuck or stagnant.  I’d highly recommend the program for anyone suffering from any degree of PTSD. 


Cara and Bliss are excellent PTI leaders.  They are both knowledgeable and extremely caring - and they are also pretty funny!  We all laughed a lot during the weekends."
- Michele F.

Before I started PTI my life had gotten to the point where I was so afraid of people's judgments I isolated myself.  I retreated from society and I retreated from life. I lived a life without emotion and without connection. I lived my life based on the expectations of others and the expectation of perfection. I was not lovable if I was not perfect. I could never be good enough. I did what I had to do to just survive. I existed, nothing more. I believed I was unlovable and worthless. Sadly, my dad's nickname for me was Worthless. My mom called it a name of endearment. Really?!

The  Letting Go weekend was very hard for me.  I experienced emotions that I had never felt before.  (As a child I was taught emotions were a sign of imperfection so they were not allowed.) All weekend I wanted to run.  I made a promise on January 13th, 2013, at the conclusion of the weekend that I would not quit. I have kept my promise. I have completed PTI 1 and 2. I am doing things I never dreamed of doing. Now I live my life on my terms
without expectation. Fear no longer controls my life. I control my life.

I ask for what I need. I have learned that what others think of me is none of my business. I now have many friendships I never thought were possible. I have gone to many different kinds of retreats by myself, not worrying
about other's opinions. I have vacationed with friends. I am engaged in my own life and engage with others.

My home is no longer my escape from life, it is my castle, full of life. I know I am perfect the way I am, I am lovable and I am worthy of that love. Most importantly, I love and accept me for who I am. I am happy. Life still has it's challenges. When I stumble over my fears, my judgments or imperfections I have friends who love me and will be there for me.

PTI showed me life is more than just existing. I am on my path, on my journey to finding my Authentic Self. I fell in love on this journey, I fell in love with me! My journey is not over.  I will follow the path in front of me.  

With the Letting Go weekend you have opened a door. Now step through it into PTI and experience your journey, which no one else can take for you.    - Katti